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VW Golf GTi


248 km/h


6 seconds


245 CV


1984 CC

More Information


44 years after the launch of the VW Golf GTi, and that is when Volkswagen wants to celebrate by launching 44 units of its most famous Golf on the market.

Rentcardeluxe incorporates one of the 44 units for its rental fleet, the GTi being a car highly demanded by our customers.

This limited edition called The Original, has a unique 3-door version and manual transmission, with BBS rims and in two colors, tornado red and pure white. A detail that makes it stand out among the other versions are some vinyls with the name, a small spoiler and above all a nameplate with the serial number.

The engine of this version is the well-known 2.0-liter TSi with 245hp, with a 6-speed manual transmission, as purists of the brand like. This car accelerates from 0 to 100 in 6.2 seconds and reaches a maximum of 248 km an hour.

Fans of the brand can already have the opportunity to enjoy this incredible Golf GTi The Original for rent. Many are those who have enjoyed our Golf R, but this GTi offers incredible benefits and above all the possibility of driving an exclusive car of which there are only 44 units in the world.

Rent a Golf GTi, you can rent it anywhere, but rent a Golf GTi The Original, more specifically unit 27 of 44, only with us.

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From € per day.

Rental Prices

Transmission: Manual
Fuel: Unleaded Petrol

Information and Reservations

Important Information

Mileage / Kilometers

Your rental includes up to 150Km per day. Additional Kilometers are charged extra. Please see car details for Extra Kilometer charges.

Age Requirements

The minimum rental age for this car is 18 years.

Getting a Car

A valid European / International Driving License is required. 

Payment Methods

The primary driver must have a credit card in his / her name when picking up the car. The card must have sufficient funds available to cover the amount of the deductible / down payment (which will be blocked on the card during the rental).